4 Ways I Worship

Growing up, I thought there was only one way to pray to our Lord. False. As with many things in life, I have found there are many different paths to take, each unique to us. Prayer is the same way. I believe the Lord accepts every unique way anyone chooses to glorify Him.

I’ve listed some ways I have found work best for me when I want to connect with our Heavenly Father.

Devotionals & Scripture Study
I’ve finally gotten back into the habit of spending time with the Lord in the morning through a daily devotional. I’d finished “Jesus Calling” with the end of the year and was looking for a way to read scripture that would hold me accountable. My friend told me about a feature in the Holy Bible app on my phone, which has dozens of free devotional plans for several stages of your life. I’m easily overwhelmed by my packed and ever-changing college schedule. Staying on track with these readings reminds me of God’s truth and the direction I’m headed. This gives me a sense of peace before accomplishing my to-do list, and reminds me of my purpose.

My commute to class becomes a Christian concert when I turn on my Spotify playlist. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy secular music. But, when I listen to these lyrics, it is another reminder that I am loved and blessed.
If you’re looking for new music, try out some songs by my favorite artists NeedtoBreathe, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Lauren Daigle, Elevation Worship, Rend Collective, and S. Martin. I promise the world will look a little bit brighter.

My first memories of prayer are around our dinner table in between our signs of the cross, at night kneeling at the foot of our bed, and in the pew before mass. Now, I’ll pray right before I fall asleep. Sometimes I’ll write a letter to God after my morning devotional. There’s currently a sticky note on my desk that lists prayer requests I’ve heard. Sometimes it will be in the silent and golden light in front of the holy Eucharist during Adoration. When I’m anxious, I’ll repeat a bible verse to myself or short prayers my dad and I have written together.
For me, prayer is a great way to relieve anxiety and show gratitude. Small conversations with God throughout the day work the best for me. But on the other hand, I know our Focus missionaries spend each day practicing one holy hour in prayer. Big or small, God wants to hear from us.

Looking back, I’m thankful my family instilled in me the habit of going to church. At school, I’m thankful I have friends who are firm in their faith and make me want to attend mass with them. In my last post, Fr. Mike Schmitz said, “The point of worship is not about what you get, but what you give.” I believe giving one hour a week at Sunday mass will not only strengthen your prayer life, but build up your community. You will be surrounded by others who want to grow and their faith and can learn more about Jesus’ teachings. Choose a church which excites you to grow your relationship with God and inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

God bless,


  • Lisa Fusik

    Thank you Rachel! I love your post! What a great reminder of how simple worshipping God can be, and also how rewarding! You have such great perspective! Thank you so much for sharing!❤

  • Bj Brundage

    What beautiful writing. So happy to see your strong walk in your faith…especially as a college student. God is so good. Your family is so dear to us. Would love to read more.


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