For Our Mothers

Dear Mom(s), 

It must not have been easy. There must have been moments of weakness, fear, or doubt when it comes to raising one or multiple other humans. We’re messy, loud, and bound to make mistakes. But there is also joy. When the pain subsides and you meet your child for the first time, when they learn something new, or accomplish something you’ve helped them work for.

Thanks for always being there for us. When we were little and had you chasing after us with a Wet One, waking us up for school, driving us to college. Thanks for being just a phone call away, even when we thought we were too grown up to need you. We’ll appreciate the intentional conversations you had with us about life sooner or later. 

You serve our family selflessly. Your love, kindness, and support never goes unnoticed, although it is sometimes taken for granted. You hold the family together through your organization, awareness of everyone’s needs, and commitment to caring for us without conditions. 

Your dedication to your work in our community is admirable. We appreciate the time you’ve taken outside of your family, responsibilities, and that moment of relaxation to spend helping others achieve their goals. Even if there are conflicting opinions and praise is not directly given, those you have impacted are better because of your work. 

Your passion for your career reminds all of us to use our talents wisely. Those early mornings and late nights have not only provided for your family, but given someone peace of mind. Your gifts are serving the world in the way God has designed for you. Please don’t fall into the trap of comparison with anyone or anything. It only distracts from gratitude. We’re here to remind you how special you are. 

You are helping to mend a broken world. You are teaching us how follow your example, but are humble enough to let us know how to do better than you. An essential piece to the things that make us who we are. Thank you for helping shape us into the people we are today. 

Mom, I like that I’ve adopted your morning tea with a dash of Splenda in the morning. I love that you call to tell me about little things that happened during the day. I enjoy working out together and being inspired by your perseverance and strength. I admire your love for running, and the way it has blossomed into helping others feel the same. I would be nothing without your constant support whether it be in the form of advice, providing me a sense of direction, or empathy. I am grateful for the small life lessons you teach me. I appreciate that as an introvert learning to be an extrovert, I don’t feel pressure to fill the silence, but I am always heard. It’s those conversations where I feel like we are best friends. 

Relationships can be complicated. Life gets messy. But you are the one who holds the family together. Thank you for everything you do for us. We can only hope to we emulate the same love, kindness, compassion, selflessness, strength, vulnerability, and authenticity you have show us. We can never stop thanking you. We love you so much.

In loving memory of Louise. 

Happy Mother’s Day,


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  • Linda Wink

    Oh Rachel, My tears just keep falling. What an awesome tribute to your Mom. We all need to hear those words of appreciation because sometimes it feels like a thankless job. You are such an amazing writer and I will say those words over and over again because I hope you believe it. I love you so much

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