A Day in My Life: Camp Counselor Edition

One of our area directors shakes my shoulder, waking me up for our daily meeting. Shoving my feet into my Chacos, I step out into the morning light. I join the other counselors at a picnic table, our Bibles open before 7a.m.. We’ve been exploring the Gospel of Mark. Each day, section by section, we read parts of Jesus’ ministry and look for ways we can apply it to the work we are doing this summer. 

The day has just begun. After a few announcements, it’s back to the cabin to call our campers away from sleep and get them ready for breakfast. Every meal is filled with Disney music, second helpings, and always ends in a dance party. Throughout the day, we take our campers through activities. Whether they are swimming, climbing, drawing, or playing, we finish each hour with a question. 

“How can you relate this to your walk with God?” 

These ten words are a reminder that the Lord is in our everyday. Before meals, we also lead Bible studies. We are reading through Exodus, teaching our campers about Moses’ journey and how God works through him. 

Once a week, me or my co-counselor will miss an event before campfire to meet with other counselors to recharge. We sing worship songs, read the Gospel together, and listen to testimonies. It is a way to refill our cup before we pour into our campers for the rest of the week. 

As sunlight gradually fades, the kids shower themselves in bug spray before campfire. This is my favorite part of the day. I remember sitting on the same log summers before, listening to my own counselors lead songs and talk about having a relationship with Jesus. I am blessed to now serve the way I once was.

Finally, when toothbrushes have been packed away and flashlights glow in every bunk, my co-counselor and I check in with each of them. We ask silly questions, how their day went, and how we can pray for them. 

This job is hard. The heat pulls at my energy while our kids seem to have endless amounts of it. Sometimes I feel myself rushing through and helping with activities just to get to the next one. But it’s in these moments I remind myself to breathe. I am reminded of the number of hours we get to be intentional with our kids, to get to know them, to love them well. We have an opportunity to share the Gospel with kids in a way they will never forget.

I could not do any of it without the people who help me serve in building God’s kingdom. They care for kids and are creative when sharing the Gospel. They have taught me more about God, to read the Bible daily, communicate with God for everything, and what it means to be a friend. 

Praise God for this summer. 



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  • Mom

    Excellent reflection as always! You are doing great work and are making such an impact on these kids. Keep going strong, the summer is going by fast!

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