Semester in Review

Balance: Fall 2019

The birds explode off the telephone line, taking to the skies in unison. Their flight reminds me of art class in middle school. I rested my elbows on the dried paint covering the table as my teacher told us about a verse in Matthew. He was reminded of the verse when he was having car trouble and saw the birds flying overhead. If the Lord provides for the birds in the air, the Lord will provide for you. 

God reminded me of this almost every time I made the drive to my impromptu internship this semester. As those birds took flight in the blue sky, I repeated this truth. 

I found myself running around a lot this semester. A text to my family documented one of my days, saying I had been up since 5:25a.m. for waking up with Young Life (this was not weekly for me), went to my internship, quickly ate lunch, went to class, worked on a project for two hours, went to Young Life club, and then wrote a paper that I finished at midnight. I understand many college students have to wake up early or finish homework in the morning hours, but this was simply my experience. It taught me all about balance and how to work efficiently. 


Interning with a magazine this semester was not planned. The editor sent out a request since she did not have any interns. I would have ideally liked to work for the publication in the summer, but I decided to jump on the opportunity for experience. It was incredible to show up at an office. I enjoyed seeing reporters and editors in the environment and working alongside them. I also learned more about how the magazine was produced and tips on writing for a magazine. It was a valuable learning experience and I am so glad I took the opportunity. 


Coming off an amazing summer full of community, I was nervous about heading back to campus. Although it is not the same, I still find belonging in the friendships I have made and groups I have become apart of. 

One of my first weekends away was a trip to Timber Wolf Lake for Leader Weekend. It was awesome to get to know my team better and plan for what serving Young Life at our school would look like this semester. Another exciting part of that weekend was when I sat in on a talk about Catholicism and Young Life. I learned the Pope has partnered with Young Life because he believes it aligns with Catholicism’s new evangelization. This is amazing! I have learned so much about my relationship with Christ through Young Life, which has brought me closer to my roots in Catholicism. I’m proud of the Catholic Church for taking steps toward finding new ways to help kids know the Lord.

Two more Catholic retreats brought me into the stillness of nature. It provided time for meaningful conversation with Him and those around me. Whether walking through the trees along a trail or watching Lake Michigan crash against the shore, I found peace in His creation.

Young Life Winter Weekend

First off, we took so many kids to camp! God exceeded our expectations and dozens of high schoolers got to hear about God’s great love for them.

Secondly, leading Young Life at camp compared to being a student at camp is a whole new story. To be honest, the first night was stressful in getting used to helping run camp as a leader. But I still had good conversations with some of our high school friends and it was a learning experience. A phone call at the end of the weekend with my own Young Life leader also helped me to reflect on the weekend. 

This semester has taught me how to balance the best I can and trust myself. He has blessed me with incredible opportunities in writing through class and work. He has shown me gratitude in the intentional conversations I have had with my friends. He has taught me that life moves fast but His purpose and joy can still be found in every moment. 



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