Reminders of Peace

Driving back to campus with one of my friends in February, we took turns playing some of our favorite songs and talking about what they meant to us. In these times where people are hurting and seeking justice, I thought it might help to just sit with these songs. They describe how lost some of us may be feeling, the healing our Lord provides, and how we can be made new through Him. 

No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus by Steffany Gretzinger 

Gretzinger’s simple phrase brings me comfort. Her lyrics guide me to remember where I find true joy. God satisfies in all ways, big and small. Gretzinger mentions when we are older we will have an even better understanding of this. I know when I look at the past, I can see all the ways God has worked for my good. It’s the future I need help trusting in, but He’ll be our comfort there and today.  

Let the Ground Rest by Chris Renzema

Renzema is one of my favorite artists. The words in this song speak to my anxious heart as I wait in eager anticipation for the future. It’s a future where I don’t fully understand my next steps, but He challenges me to be patient. This song helps me the most in times when I have to make a big decision and need to be patient. Even when I don’t see the change or my desires are not given instantly, I have to give things time.

Drawn to You by Audrey Assad 

This song is beautiful in the way Assad describes how the low points in life can bring Jesus to the center. It reminds me of the homily I heard at daily mass this morning. Just because we’re Christians, doesn’t mean life is easy. But Assad paints a beautiful image of the Lord through this song, in the gentle way He cares for everyone. 

Miracles by Jesus Culture and Chris Quilala

In times when the light is hard to find, we need to continue to remember who we place our trust in. God hurts for what is happening in our world, but He is in control. These lyrics remind me that God is all-powerful and all-knowing. He heals, protects, forgives, loves, and is greater than what we are going through. 

New Wine by Hillsong Worship 

I believe Hillsong Worship’s song is a call for change. In our actions, in the prayers that are hard to say out loud, in trying to make a difference, the lyrics remind me to surrender to God. He knows what is best for all of us and is making all things new. 

I hope these songs give you peace, whether it is in wrestling with the hurt in our world today or if you need to hear that God has our backs. I hope you are reminded of the ways He comforts, heals, and loves. 



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