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I love hearing other people’s stories. There’s a moment when their passion for whatever subject they’re on takes over, where you can hear the lift in their voice and see the light in their eyes. You can tell that something has changed them for the better. 

God works in mysterious ways. I love trying to connect the dots as our lives move forward, as we take new opportunities or as past obstacles are overcome, in order to see where God has worked in our hearts. As I hear other people’s stories and think about where our paths intersect, it’s overwhelmingly beautiful to recognize all the ways God has been leading us individually. I’ve come to learn that God works in the details that we might not notice in the present, but things become clear when we turn around to see how far we’ve come. He invites us on an adventure with Him, He brings us people who will love us well and teach us lessons along the way, and all of it works together to call us closer to Him.

Even though we may not hear the stories listed below face-to-face, the written retelling of these women’s experiences still have a story to share. Maybe you can see parts of your own life or walk with Christ woven into their letters, whether it be in brokenness or triumph. 

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite sites, along with specific writing where God speaks to me. I encourage you to read and listen, but don’t forget to pay attention to the people in your everyday. God is at work in everyone’s life. 

The Young Catholic Woman has several avenues for you to follow. Each piece of work leads to lessons we can learn from others. The Articles share women’s personal accounts of how they have seen God work through relationships, healing, life, current events, and more. The Series brings the pleasures of travel, music, literature, and recipes into perspective with Christ at the center of the conversation. My favorite section lately has been Sacred. Inside are entries on prayer, saints, and verses from scripture. 

One of my favorite prayers is titled “Be Satisfied with Me.”

The Catholic Woman is a collection of letters, interviews, and films created out of each women’s walk with the Father and reflection on the ways He has transformed their hearts. In every unique story, vulnerability is evident. It teaches you about a relatable aspect of life with Christ or something new. With an age range from college graduates to mothers, you can read about personal accounts of women receiving what life throws at them, creating a life they imagined, seeing how God nurtures them, protecting life, and leading a life of devotion to Him. 

A letter that spoke to me comes from Kelly Deehan, who writes “Trusting Like Peter: Learning to Trust Jesus in the Leap.” In her new perspective on the age-old story, she invites you on her journey into the unknown as she focuses on Peter’s initial leap of faith out of the boat.

Blessed Is She is home to devotionals, blog posts, and more. Each morning I receive a daily devotional in my inbox, but the website’s blog is full of ways to celebrate Mass and liturgical holidays, conversation on daily life, spiritual book recommendations, quotes and poems from religious figures, and reviews of how films relate to our life as Catholics. 

I recently read one of these devotionals with a good friend. Brittany Calavitta’s “Power in the Simple” reflected on how we lose our sense of childlike wonder with the world around us when we are glued to our screens. My friend and I agreed that in the world of constant distractions from our phones, we miss out on the beauty right in front of us. Now, we’re trying to be more aware of the life and wonder Christ reveals in nature and the people around us. 

Abiding Together is a podcast my friends in Bible study and I love. Sister Miriam James Heidland, Michelle Benzinger, and Heather Khym each bring a different perspective to every conversation. Whether you are listening to their recap of chapters during a book study, learning from guests, or jump into an episode that peaks your interest, their conversations point toward the person of Christ and His infinite love for you. 

I loved season 7 episode 3: Made for Mission because I watched them record it live at SLS20! Another that has inspired me is season 7 episode 5: The Power of Holy Hour with Fr. Josh Johnson. 

Read more below!

The Young Catholic Woman and “Be Satisfied with Me” 

The Catholic Woman and “Trusting Like Peter: Learning to Trust Jesus in the Leap” 

Blessed is She and “Power in the Simple”

Abiding Together



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