Prayer Box

A Postcard from Transition

Dear Jesus, 

There’s beauty when it comes to entering into life with each other. In saying yes to virtuous friendships and choosing to love one another. This is only the beginning of continual striving. Striving to trust You, love You more, and for sainthood. All of the things I could never achieve alone.

So, You ask me to enter in. I look back at this summer and recognize the ways You’ve asked me to trust You over and over again. 

Enter into the unexpected and fly to a new state for training. 

Enter into the boldness of invitation and ask others to join mission.

Enter into a new place with an open heart. 

You know we need courage for these brave requests. You love to surprise me.

Enter into the unexpected joy of holy friendships. 

Enter into the boldness and healing that comes with vulnerability.

Enter into a new place with new people, so You can show Your love for me through them. 

Yet, stepping forward with an open heart still comes with challenges. But You see those too. You see the tears in the moments our hearts break, during the challenges of transition or when we see loved ones hurt. It’s in these moments that You give us comfort and show us Your own Sacred Heart. It is wounded, bleeding, crowned with thorns, and set aflame out of love for us. 

I know now that You have not left me alone. You’ve invited me into the lives of my teammates, their families, and friendships with missionaries. You’ve invited me into uncontrollable laughter, late nights, fasting for others, tears, prayer, conviction for mission, intentional conversations, dancing, and realizing the depth of Your love. It has all given me a glimpse of the fullness of life You created us to experience. 

I can’t thank you enough.