Semester in Review

Missionary Log: To Give and Receive

It’s been crazy couple of months learning how to navigate this crazy missionary life. Sometimes, at the end of the day when I crash onto my pillow, (after chatting with my roommates long after we’ve announced we’re going to bed) I can’t even recall what happened in an entire week. But it has been a season of getting to know Jesus better and better.

When I think back to this past season so far, a billion memories come to mind. My heart has been stretched to great lengths, and there are days when I don’t want to take on one more story. We’re in mission territory all right, and my heart has been bruised in battle. So, every day when I return to the Father for Holy Hour, I have to open my hands. This is the physical gesture my friend recommended when I asked her how to surrender things to God. Opening up allows the passage of two actions, the act of giving and receiving. Give Him everything. He can take it all, His burden is light. Receive His love. You were made for it.

It’s been a season of recognizing God truly provides for me and realizing how little I put my trust in Him. It’s been a season of joy, sorrow, suffering, broken hearts, seeking to understand, being received, choosing to love, learning how to learn, and surrendering everything to the Father.

Things I’ve learned so far: 

  1. Vulnerability is key. 
  2. Laughter is contagious and much needed. 
  3. Rosary walks are the best. 
  4. Sharing the gospel is my favorite thing in the world. 
  5. You can’t teach zeal, it is a fire lit by the Holy Spirit. 
  6. Pray before everything. You’ll remember your purpose and that God is in control. 
  7. Intentional conversation with loved ones is a blessing. 
  8. Find the good in everything. Spiraling into complaint doesn’t help anything. 
  9. A Holy Hour of prayer is necessary. 
  10. Fasting for others is hard, but awesome. 
  11. If you haven’t learned how to renounce lies, please let me teach you. 
  12. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  13. Transition takes more time than you might think and that’s completely okay. 
  14. Children’s books teach so much truth. 
  15. Make time for rest. Seriously, schedule it in. 
  16. Counseling is not popular, but don’t be afraid to want to talk. 
  17. Surround yourself with people who convict you of truth and love, because we can’t teach the gospel to ourselves. 
  18. Call your family and friends often.
  19. Nothing beats seeing someone realize the importance of having Jesus in their life. 
  20. Comparison is the thief of joy.
  21. God loves you very, very much. 
  22. Mission is for your own heart to be transformed, not just those you are serving. 
  23. Who you become is more important than what you do.