Hi, I’m Rachel.

Rachel’s Journal


  1. my corner of the web sharing my personal experiences about how I have seen the Lord work in my life
  2. a place to document my advice, perspective, and thoughts

Where I’m From I’m blessed to belong to one of the greatest support systems I know. My family is full of hard workers, who value faith, and spread love, humor, and kindness wherever they go. I’m proud to be rooted in such strong morals.

What I Study I am a Writing Major. For now I am pursuing a career with a focus in Creative Writing, but I have experience as a journalist at the high school and college level. Although I can be found taking notes at events or holding interviews for my school’s newspaper, my first love is fiction. But, I am open to a variety of writing styles as I learn about them.

My Passions I’m involved in a few organizations around campus, which makes everything worth it. I’m a fiction reader for the literary journal, a member of running club, a news reporter for the newspaper, a member of Catholic Student Ministries and Young Life College. The summer before my freshman year of college, I went backpacking on North Manitou Island for a week with Northbound Adventures Young Life. Afterward, my friend and I hopped off the ferry and went straight to Timber Wolf Lake for a month, where I served as a Housekeeper on Work Crew. Young Life has a special place in my heart. The relationships I have built from it has changed my life.

Where I’m Going I am interested in pursuing a career where I never have to work a day in my life. I hope to be writing stories I believe have worth and need to be heard. Most importantly, I want to strengthen my Catholic faith and impact others.